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Let's discover the animal

Let's discover the animals of the world with Coq en Pâte. Ready for an adventure?! Click on the icons to learn fascinating facts about animals


The savannah is a type of landscape, composed of grasses sometimes up to 2m high, shrubs and trees. It is found in tropical regions, particularly in Africa, South America, Australia and India. During the year, the savannah changes colour. In the wet season, it is very green. In the dry season, it becomes more yellow due to drought. As we can see in "The Lion King" by Walt Disney, the savannah is home to many species: elephant, giraffe, antelope, lion, rhinoceros, zebra, pink flamingo... Yet today, some of these animals are threatened with extinction because they need a large territory to live. However, the savannah is gradually shrinking as man nibbles away at the land for breeding, cultivation or tourism.


The jungle is a huge forest where trees, bushes and tall plants grow very tightly together. To live, this very dense vegetation needs a lot of water. This is why it is located in regions close to the equator where the climate is rainy. It is found in South-East Asia, Central America along the Amazon and in Africa. As can be seen in Walt Disney's "The Jungle Book", the jungle is home to many species: tiger, chimpanzee, gorilla, panda, lemur, bird, parrot, reptile, crocodile ... However, today some of these animals are threatened with extinction because their habitat has been transformed for the needs of agriculture and breeding.


The polar world includes the Arctic (North Pole) and Antarctica (South Pole). The first difference is quite simple. The Arctic is composed only of ice (the pack ice) whereas the Antarctic is a continent and therefore a land covered with ice because it is extremely cold. The polar bear and penguin that live in the Arctic (not to be confused with the penguin that lives at the South Pole) are today threatened by the gradual disappearance of the ice pack, a result of global warming. The Antarctic is also threatened by rising temperatures. The snow owl and the caribou that live in the North are also finding it increasingly difficult to find food.


The earth is called the blue planet because 70% of the earth's surface is covered by the seas and oceans, which are vital resources for mankind and for marine biodiversity. We were all fascinated by the animated film "The World of Nemo" from Pixar Studios. However, today sea turtles, dolphins, whales, seahorses, seals, sharks... are endangered species. Why are they endangered? Several reasons: plastic and pollutants thrown into the sea, intensive fishing, oil spills, oil drilling, global warming...


The world has very beautiful forests where deer, foxes, brown bears, wolves, etc. live... These species are more familiar to us and are not endangered today but we must remain vigilant because there are many threats to forests: fires, deforestation, mining...

Let's discover the animal

Let's discover the animals of the world with Coq en Pâte. Ready for an adventure?! Click on the icons to learn fascinating facts about animals


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