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At the slightest hint of danger I roll myself into a ball, all spines out to discourage my aggressor!

Quiet inhabitant of your garden, I can be found all through Europe. I live on plains, in woods, even in city parks! I am mostly active at night, which is the moment I prefer to look for my favourite food: earth worms. I can also eat all sorts of insects, slugs, mushrooms and fruits.

In Autumn, I eat more to prepare for hibernation through Winter. I’ll spend the coldest months in my nest, rolled in a ball.

If you want to glimpse me in your garden, you can leave out some dry dog (or cat) food and let a corner of the garden run wild, with branches so I can hide. But do not touch me: I am a wild animal covered in spines!

  • 4,08 €

    Hedgehog A5 notebook, 48 pages, made in Brittany (France) and printed on recycled paper

  • 10,75 €

    A fun hedgehog printed pouch in 100% organic cotton certified to store your pens, make up, or for other small treasures! Designed by Mibo

  • 8,25 €

    Hedgehog purse in 100% organic cotton certified, Designed by Mibo

  • 27,42 €

    Hedgehog backpack in 100% organic cotton, perfect for kindergarten, preschool or sleepovers, Designed by Mibo

  • 12,42 €

    Baby bag blue and white graphic printed, with iron on woven name tag badge, in organic cotton, designed by Mibo

  • 20,75 €

    White and blue t-shirt, long and raglan sleeves, with hedgehog print (on both sides), in organic cotton, designed by Mibo

  • 29,08 €

    This Hedgehog long sleeves body and bib set in organic cotton, designed by Mibo. It's the perfect newborn baby gift!

  • 29,08 €

    Blue sweatshirt, long sleeves, with hedgehog print (on both sides), in organic cotton, designed by Mibo


Coq en Pâte is a French clothing and accessories brand for babies and kids which places ethics in the heart of all creative processes. Coq en Pâte is a great concept store to find eco-friendly and original gift ideas!


Coq en Pâte are supporting NGOs, scientists and associations devoted to wildlife conservation, in France and abroad.


Coq en Pâte finances programs aimed at educating and engaging children in wildlife conservation.


Our textile products are made from 100% certified organic cotton, in India. Stationery and outdoor games are made in France from eco-friendly or recycled materials.

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