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My coat with multicoloured spots gave me the nickname “Painted Dog”. I live in Africa, and like my cousin the wolf I live in groups called “packs”. We are very efficient hunters: we can pursue a zebra or an antilope over long distances. Solidarity is our trait: we avoid fights and those of us too old or too weak to hunt are fed by others ! I am protected because my species is endangered. Like other big African carnivores, my hunting grounds are increasingly used by more and more farmers.

  • Lycaon 1 year baby t-shirt -50%
    Lycaon baby t-shirt

    6,21 € 12,42 €

    Baby short sleeves t-shirt size 1&2 years, in organic cotton, designed by Mibo.

  • Lycaon purse -50%
    Lycaon purse

    4,13 € 8,25 €

    Lycaon purse, in organic cotton certified GOTS, design by Mibo. 

  • Lycaon short sleeved body -50%
    Lycaon short sleeved body

    8,29 € 16,58 €

    Lycaon baby's short sleeved bodysuit in soft organic cotton.

  • Lycaon sun hat -50%
    Lycaon sun hat

    6,21 € 12,42 €

    Lycaon sun hat, 100% organic cotton, by Mibo.

  • Lycaon activity bag -40%
    Lycaon activity bag

    6,45 € 10,75 €

    Lycaon drawstring bag, the perfect companion when going or sleepovers and hobbies, in 100% organic cotton. 


Coq en Pâte is a French clothing and accessories brand for babies and kids which places ethics in the heart of all creative processes. Coq en Pâte is a great concept store to find eco-friendly and original gift ideas!


Coq en Pâte are supporting NGOs, scientists and associations devoted to wildlife conservation, in France and abroad.


Coq en Pâte finances programs aimed at educating and engaging children in wildlife conservation.


Our textile products are made from 100% certified organic cotton, in India. Stationery and outdoor games are made in France from eco-friendly or recycled materials.

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    PAIEMENT 100% sécurisé
  • Obtenez des remises lors de futurs achats.
    PROGRAMME DE FIDÉLITÉ Obtenez des remises lors de futurs achats.
  • Parrainez vos amis et recevez des bons de réduction !
    PARRAINAGE Parrainez vos amis et recevez des bons de réduction !