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Ok, ok, observing my bobbing walk across the ice, one could think I am the clumsy type. And it’s true, but on land only! Once in the water, it’s a different story… I may be a bird, but I cannot fly. I can however dive to depths of over 500 metres and swim hundreds of kilometres to feed. My colony lives in Antarctica, at the South Pole. It is extremely cold there, but thanks to my dense plumage and a thick layer of fat I manage to keep warm even when temperatures plummet to -60ºC! Females lay one egg and leave it to the males who put it on their feet. But be careful! This is a dangerous operation: the ground is so cold the embryo would die instantly should the shell touch the ice… All males have to do then is wait patiently for about 60 days, without eating, to see their offspring. Females, having gone to find food, will only be back after they have hatched. As for all animals living on the ice, global warming is a big threat. Dwindling stocks of the fish I eat due to human industrial fishing is another danger, for my species and all inhabitants of the ocean alike.


    2 Y 4 Y 6 Y 8 Y 10 Y

    Penguin kids T-shirt

    22,50 €

    Short sleeves kids t-shirt with Penguin print (on both sides), in organic cotton, designed par Mibo.


    3 - 6 M 9 - 12 M

    Penguin bodysuit

    22,50 €

    Penguin baby's short sleeved bodysuit in soft organic cotton, designed by Mibo.

  • Rucksack Penguin

    14,90 €

    Penguin drawstring bag, the perfect companion when going or sleepovers and hobbies, in 100% organic cotton.


    14,90 €

    24 pieces puzzle, made in France. A wonderful way to develop the curiosity and patience of a child. The perfect present for any event and gathering.

  • Penguin backpack

    36,90 €

    Penguin backpack in 100% organic cotton, perfect for kindergarten, preschool or sleepovers, Designed by Mibo

  • Penguin comforter

    22,90 €

    Soft Penguin comforter in 100% organic cottonThe perfect birth gift that is good for the planet and protects animals.

  • PENGUIN Puzzle

    9,90 €

    The first 9 pieces Coq en Pâte puzzle, ideal for a first puzzle and to develop the curiosity and the patience of a child. The perfect present for any event and gathering.PENGUIIN Puzzle


    3 - 6 M 9 - 12 M

    Penguin baby bodysuit and bib set

    29,67 € 34,90 €

    Set composed of a long sleeve Penguin baby bodysuit and a matching bib in organic cotton, illustrated by Mibo. The perfect birth gift!


    2 Y 4 Y 6 Y 8 Y

    Penguin long sleeves Tshirt -30%
    Penguin long sleeves kid Tshirt

    20,93 € 29,90 €

    navy blue t-shirt, long sleeves, with Penguin print (on both sides), in organic cotton, designed by Mibo

  • Penguin Notebook A5

    4,90 €

    Penguin A5 notebook, 48 pages, made in Brittany (France) and printed on recycled paper

  • Penguin pencil case

    14,90 €

    A fun Penguin printed pouch in 100% organic cotton certified to store your pens, make up, or for other small treasures! Designed by Mibo

  • Penguin beach kit

    19,90 €

    Penguin beach kit, from brown seaweeds collected in the west of France, made in France.


Coq en Pâte is a French clothing and accessories brand for babies and kids which places ethics in the heart of all creative processes. Coq en Pâte is a great concept store to find eco-friendly and original gift ideas!


Coq en Pâte are supporting NGOs, scientists and associations devoted to wildlife conservation, in France and abroad.


Coq en Pâte finances programs aimed at educating and engaging children in wildlife conservation.


Our textile pieces are made of organic cotton in India in workshops whose manufacturing processes are certified, the stationery and outdoor games are made in France, in Brittany itself, from eco-materials or recycled materials.

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