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Thanks to my red fur, one can easily tell me from other big apes such as gorillas and chimpanzees. However unlike them, who live in Africa, I live in Asia. I spend most of my time up in trees looking for food and playing with members of my family. 

I feed mainly on plants and fruits but can occasionally hunt and eat meat. 

I am the unfortunate emblem for the fight against deforestation. Indeed the islands where I live (Sumatra and Borneo) are ravaged by companies who destroy forests to plant palm trees for palm oil production. Palm oil is used in many food items, so to help protect me ask your parents to stop buying products containing palm oil, which is also bad for our health!

  • 8,33 €

    Orangutan purse, in organic cotton certified GOTS, design by Mibo. 

  • 20,83 €

    Short sleeves t-shirt with orangutan print (on both sides), in organic cotton, designed par Mibo.

  • 12,50 €

    A fun orangutan printed pouch in 100% organic cotton certified to store your pens, make up, or for other small treasures!

  • 13,75 €

    Orangutan drawstring bag, the perfect companion when going for a swim or attending a lesson of gym, in 100% organic cotton. 

  • 18,75 €

    Orangutan baby's short sleeved bodysuit in soft organic cotton.

  • 13,75 €

    Orangutan sun hat, 100% organic cotton, by Mibo.


Coq en Pâte is a French clothing and accessories brand for babies and kids which places ethics in the heart of all creative processes. Coq en Pâte is a great concept store to find eco-friendly and original gift ideas!


Coq en Pâte are supporting NGOs, scientists and associations devoted to wildlife conservation, in France and abroad.


Coq en Pâte finances programs aimed at educating and engaging children in wildlife conservation.


Our textile products are made from 100% certified organic cotton, in India. Stationery and outdoor games are made in France from eco-friendly or recycled materials.

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