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Bat pencil case

A fun bat printed pouch in 100% organic cotton certified to store your pens, make up, or for other small treasures!

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Crafted from organic cotton, this zip pencil case can store pencils, make-up or little treasures.

Design: BAT
Description: pencil case or make-up bag with zip closure, perfectly sized for holding all the essentials 
Material: 100% Organic Cotton, GOTS-certified.
Color: grey
Screen printing: PVC and phthalate free
Details: zip closure at the top 
Dimensions: 13 x 22 x 6 cm
Manufacturing: compliance with environmental social standards in accordance with ILO (International Labour Organisation) rules, traceability from cotton cultivation to clothing.
Care instructions: wash inside out at 30°C max, iron inside out.


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VUFichier 3.png

I look like no other European bat, for I am entirely black.
Like all bats however, I am a mammal that lives by night. This is when I come out hunting for my favourite prey: moths. To find these preys when there isn’t any light, I have a tremendous weapon: echolocation. This process consists of very rapidly emitting cries which will bounce off objects around me, and come back to my ears in the form of an echo. This way I can build a very precise sonic picture of my environment, to the point that I am able to catch a mosquito in flight! With such a precise navigation instrument, it’s no surprise that contrary to legend no bat will ever get tangled in anyone’s hair!

My species lives predominantly on the edge of old forests, and like other bats our numbers are decreasing. Insecticides used in agriculture and at home are killing the preys I hunt for food. That’s why my vote goes to Organic farming!

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