Coq en Pâte is a children's accessories and fashion publishing company, which places ethics in the heart of all creative processes.


Because producing and consuming isn't destroying, we wish to demonstrate and share our belief that it is possible to create, produce and sell whilst respecting humans and their environment.

Our products are manufactured in India out of labeled organic cotton (GOTS/Global Organic Textile Standard).

Our publishing choices are usually concentrated on artists who share the same commitments as ourselves and communicate a poetic, fun and educational message in their creations.

Backpacks, rucksacks, t-shirts, bodysuits, pouches, vanity cases, bibs, sun hats, beach kits ... are all products that can be both pretty and responsible today.


100% organic cotton

Organic cotton is cultivated so as to respect the earth which means there are no chemicals or pesticides involved anywhere in the process. Natural compost, reduced water consumption (by half), rotation of the cultures to let the earth breathe are all applied to make the cotton organic.


With 25% of all pesticides consumed for only 2,5% of cultivated fields, conventional cotton growing is the most polluting in the world.


Dangerous for those who cultivate it, it is responsible for getting about 25 million people sick per year.


GMO free organic culture not only preserves the natural balance, but also the health of producers. Organic cotton is equally good for your skin: softer, more supple and hypoallergenic.


The Global Organic textile Standard is an organization which regroups the principal actors of the textile trade.

A product must contain at least 95% of organically certified fiber in order to be GOTS certified.

Thus, during the production of a GOTS product, ammonia, chlorine, pigments containing heavy metals, PVC, threatened types of wood, chromium, etc ... were not used.

Storage standards (without pesticides or synthetic biocides) and transportation must also be considered.

GOTS producers must respect social criteria established by the International Labor Organization: the right to unionize, safety and hygiene at work, decent wages, no discrimination ...


Imprim'Vert is a label whose aim is to reduce the environmental impacts associated with the activities of printing (offset, digital printing, letterpress, screen printing, gravure printing).

A printed label Imprim'Vert must have been produced in accordance with the following 3 criteria: proper management of hazardous wastes (toner cartridges, solvents ...), secure storage of hazardous liquids, and finally the non-use of toxic products.


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