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COQENPÂTE teams up with IUCN's Save Our Species to contribute to saving the endangered species.


The IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) - the largest conservation organisation in the world. 

SOS helps protect from extinction threatened species, their habitats and the people who depend on them.


Drawing on IUCN’s unique knowledge and expertise generated by its RED LIST of Threatened Species™ and its Species Survival Commission, SOS selects and funds the best wildlife conservation projects. 


Created in 2010, SOS is already supporting dozens of projects around the world protecting hundreds of threatened species while collaborating with local communities to generate new sources of livelihoods.


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COQENPATE will devote all its energy to support SOS’ mission in tackling the most urgent wildlife issues of our time by mobilizing a network of partners, from manufactures to retailers, to achieve this goal. In particular, we will create innovative and sustainable derivatives such as our t-shirt collections and accessories certified by GOTS, as well as eco plastic games and apps for children to encourage them to love and protect our natural heritage. We hope these activities will help increase the public awareness to the urgent need of protecting threatened wildlife and bring further support to SOS.





Since the beginning of this partnership, we donated 7500€ to SOS – Save our Species
You can support COQENPATE efforts and SOS initiative:

1. Buying a COQENPATE product, from our SOS collection, or a KOGUMA piggybank
2. Donating to SOS – Save our species, on their website :




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