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A new partnership with Sabrina Krief for the conservation of great apes!

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CoqenPâte is very pleased to announce the signing of a partnership with Sabrina Krief from The Great Apes Conservation Project (PCGS, an association that aims to contribute to the conservation of great apes and their habitat. Its mission is to develop, organize and support projects that promote the preservation of great apes in the countries where they live, but also in France and Europe.

Sabrina has gathered this week a dozen personalities to call on the government to save these endangered primates in this forum.

The brand thus wishes to develop its scientific legitimacy in its commitment to species, but also to raise awareness among the youngest through educational action.CoqenPâte is committed over one year to the preservation of the Sebitoli chimpanzees through the financing of the forest rangers’ salaries, and to raising the awareness of the youngest through educational activities for children. The brand will also provide endowments for primate conservation events. David Bouvet, founder of Coqenpâte, also signed the petition which brought together a dozen personalities to call on the government to save these endangered primates.

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